Online Repeat Medications

A repeat prescription is medication agreed with your clinician.

You can request these without having to speak with the clinician UNTIL you are due a REVIEW.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Tick the box that has your repeat prescription item
  2. Return to Castle Surgery (post box on the side).
  3. Allow 48 hours for the paper form to be processed. 
  4. Please allow any additional time for prescription to be processed by pharmacy if you have nominated one.

Some Pharmacies can even do the requesting on your behalf. Check which ones offer this service.

You can collect your prescription from Castle Surgery reception.

We recommend this if you need a prescription urgently on the day.

Did you know?

If you nominate a pharmacy, your prescriptions can automatically be sent there.

If you’re requesting a new medication that isn’t on your repeat, you will need to speak with your clinician.

Acute prescriptions are one off.

If you think you may need the medication again, you will need to speak with your clinician.

If so, please call 01639 622 050.

We are in the process of trialling out a separate request form for new medications.

Please note that prescription delivery is at the discretion of the individual pharmacy.

Delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

This is a private arrangement between yourself and that Pharmacy.

Whilst we will assist wherever possible, Castle Surgery will not be held responsible for any issues relating to the delivery of prescriptions.

Please note that the Pharmacy on our premises is a separate business entity.

If your medication requires a review with a clinician (either because it is an ACUTE medication or REPEAT that requires a review), this may not be dispensed until a review takes place.

Medication reviews aim to optimise impact of your medications, minimise problems and reduce waste.

Did you know…

Prescriptions in England are £9.35 per item for most adults? Let’s try to reduce waste and protect the NHS resources.

Medication review needed? If you require a medication review, please call 01639 622 050.

Online version in the works.