Private Work

Castle Surgery carries out predominantly NHS General Medical Services and a very limited set of private work for Non-NHS work.

The following are regarded as non-NHS/private work:

  1. Private referral to outside agency
  2. DVLA
  3. Boxing
  4. HGV
  5. Firearms
  6. Adoptions/Foster

Private letter for referrs:

e.g.  Currently, if you’re wanting a private referral, many places will stil require you to consult with your general practice.

Private Referrals are either self funded, funded by your work place or funded by personal medical insurance.

There is no charge for a private referral for an outside service.

However there may be a charge for a private LETTER. 

This is different to receiving a letter to see a different specialist. 

This is a specific letter so that your clinician can review your medical records and specifically produce a custom letter.

Copies of your notes are different and that does not come with a fee.

More information is available here:

The DVLA will normally contact us directly to complete any forms/and or assessments

These are required every 5 years from when you first obtain your HGV license and then every year after the age of 65.

We receive forms either directly from the foster/adoption agency or are provided with these directly by yourself. 

Private Work referral form