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If you’re requesting a new medication that isn’t on your repeat, you will need to speak with your clinician.

Acute prescriptions are one off. If you think you may need the medication again, please call 01639 622 050.

A repeat prescription is a regular medication agreed with your clinician.

You can request these without having to speak with the clinician UNTIL you are due a REVIEW.

The review is to check:

  • Medication working well
  • No side effects you are unable to tolerate
  • some medications require monitoring, e.g. weight/bp/certain blood tests

You can collect your paper prescription from the surgery reception desk

If you have a prefered pharmacy, your prescription can be sent to them. However, please allow time for this to be collected and processed. This is ideal for patients who have either non-urgent medications or for repeat medications that they are not immediately going to run out of.

If you need your medication urgently on the day it is prescribed by a clinician, we recommend collecting from the reception desk to avoid this going missing in transit.

Please note that prescription delivery is at the discretion of the pharmacist and that delivery times cannot be guaranteed. This is a private arrangement between yourself and the pharmacist.

Whilst we will assist wherever possible, Castle Surgery will not be held responsible for any issues relating to the delivery of prescriptions.

If your medication requires a review with a clinician (either because it is an ACUTE medication or REPEAT that requires a review), this may not be dispensed until a review takes place.

Medication reviews aim to optimise impact of your medications, minimise problems and reduce waste.

If you require a medication review, please call 01639 622 050.

Request in advance so you don’t miss your medications

Online Prescriptions with MyHealth Online

You can order your repeat medication online using My Health Online.

To use this service:

Register using the link below

  1. My Health Online via Castle Surgery
  2. Once registered, you can log in to the address below:

Online Request form (repeats)

If you have a non-urgent request or query about a medication that is on your ‘REPEATS’ you can enquire below.

Please note, by requesting your prescription below online, you agree that this is a non urgent request which may take 7 working days.

This option is easier if you are only requesting one medication. Otherwise, MyHealthOnline might be a better option.

If you still need help, phone us on 01639 622 050

Thank you!