Improving Life with Long Term Pain

Pain affects everyone sometimes, but for some it is a constant part of their lives. If that’s you or someone you know, please read on.

Are you living with long-term pain which is getting you down and holding you back? Is your pain medication not helping as much as you hoped?

Please don’t despair – there’s much that can be done to support you to live your best possible life, despite your persistent pain.

Here at Swansea Bay UHB members of our Medicines Management Team and Persistent Pain Team have collaboratively launched a dedicated website which pulls together a huge range of practical advice, information, videos and other resources which are all specifically designed to support anyone living with long term pain.

One of the team’s key messages is that pain medication is not the only option.

But by understanding more about pain, and discovering the many different ways which are proven to help manage it, you have real opportunities to access support to help you to live better with the pain you experience.

Visit the new “Improving life with long-term pain” webpages here:

Source: SwanseaBay NHS