Doctor’s Letter

If you need to arrange a doctor’s letter, there will be a charge of £35.

Why is there a payment?

The preparations of these letters or reports is not covered by the NHS. The doctor must complete these in their own time as such there is a payable fee. The doctors will take their time to review the medical records to ensure the information provided is correct. These may then be dictated and subsequently needed to be typed and printed

How long will it take?

Private letters do not take priority over NHS work so may take some time to prepare. Please allow at least two weeks. In genuinely urgent cases we will do our best to meet your deadline however we cannot promise this. If you cannot wait, we will refund your fee if the letter has not yet been written.

‘The Doctor has to write these exact words…’

We’d like to apologise that we cannot usually accept requests for the letter to be written in a specific way. The letter will however be written by what is supported in your medical records.

Please take a look at the form below. Once you fill this in, we will aim to contact you to confirm the arrangements.