With the global pandemic, the way our patients collect prescriptions from the surgery has had some changes. This is to help protect our patients and staff by limiting the footfall in the surgery. 

If you were previously receiving deliveries, this service should be unaffected. However, those requesting new deliveries, please bear in mind it can take up to 7 days. 



Non-urgent advice: How do I collect scripts/medications/prescriptions?

If your preference is Castle Pharmacy you can pick up from the surgery with the following changes:

1) You will be told a time slot when you can pick it up

2) Please approach the rear entrance at your allotted time period. The mobile number at the door is one that you can call to let our team know that you’re here. Please be aware that this line may be busy due to the number of patients calling. We are really thankful for your patience at this time.

0790 25 26 346

Please be aware that due to the increased workload, it may take longer than usual before you can collect your prescription.

Opening hours for Pharmacy are 10 am to 1pm, and 3pm to 5pm.

Non-urgent advice: How will repeat prescriptions work?

During the lockdown period you can request repeat prescriptions in the following ways:

1) Bring back the ticked slip of the repeat medications list and place in the box at either the main or rear entrance of the surgery

2) If you’ve lost your slip, you can write on a piece of paper the medication you require including your details (Name, date of birth, address and phone number)

3) Phone us during opening hours to request your repeat prescription.

01639 622050

Due to the increased workload, please allow for additional turnaround time to reduce the likelihood that you would run out of your medication before your repeat prescriptions are ready.

Non-urgent advice: How about prescriptions outside of Castle Pharmacy?

Let us know your preferred Pharmacy if it isn’t Castle Pharmacy. 

Your preferred Pharmacy will aim to pick up your prescription from Castle Surgery at a certain time during the day. It therefore can take up to 7 days depending on the workload of your preferred pharmacy.

If you prefer, you may collect the prescription paper itself and bring to your own pharmacy.

Non-urgent advice: I’m registered at Castle Surgery but I’m in isolation away from the area

We can fax your prescription to the nearest pharmacy to you.

Please find the details of this pharmacy including:

1) Name of Pharmacy

2) Address and post code of pharmacy

3) Fax number of pharmacy.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the remote pharmacy to receive your prescription and any additional time depending on that Pharmacy’s workload.

Non-urgent advice: Castle Mobile

0790 252 6346

Non-urgent advice: Castle Pharmacy Opening Times for pick up

10am to 1pm

3pm to 5pm