If you have been offered an appointment today, when you have arrived at Castle Surgery, please phone the number below to check in.


Please note: This is ONLY to check in and is not for any other enquiries. This allows us to let the clinicians know you’ve arrived and they will come and pick you up as soon as they’re ready.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can knock at the door, but please do not wait near the entrance as that increases the risk of spreading any infection.

Where to go?

To the rear of the building. You can wait under the new sheltered area on the left keeping a social distance between other patients.

If you’ve come by car, you can wait in your car (just keep an eye/ear out for when you’re called).

We would really appreciate it if the walkway ramp is kept clear as anyone waiting on the ramp blocks the flow in and out to the surgery. Thank you so much!

Lockdown changes

Since the lockdown started, you have been marvellous in adapting to the changes made to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus in the surgery. Thank you again!

Although we have always been doing face to face appointments, the waiting arrangements continue to change.

To protect you, our patients and our staff, the waiting indoors is limited, and the doors are manned. Please knock if no one is present and you do not a mobile phone to call.

What about prescriptions?

Picking up a paper prescription can be done by calling the number above.

To pick up your medications, Castle Pharmacy have a new hatch just at the FRONT of the building. This means you can collect your medications directly from them/bring your prescriptions directly to them