Menopause Support


Menopause Support Menopause Support has launched a new guidance booklet “Understanding Menopause” to support women to better understand and navigate Menopause.The new guidance booklet, reviewed by expert clinicians, includes a much-needed symptom checker to support women to understand the breadth of potential menopause symptoms and when to reach out for support.The booklet [...]

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Announcement: Telephone Lines Down


Announcement: Telephone Lines Friday 14th April 2023: 15:31 - We are currently in contact with BT to arrange emergency engineers due to phone lines being down at present. We aim to get this resolved as soon as possible. For urgent calls that need attention today, please phone 111. For emergency, please phone 999. We are [...]

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News and Updates: Changes from 1st February 2023


News and Updates from 1st Febaruary 2023 Thank you once again for the patience, gratitude and understanding our community has shown our team at Castle Surgery. We understand this continues to be a difficult time for everyone. At many times, the future of the NHS seems bleak, hence why our Nursing Colleagues, our Paramedic [...]

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Practice Closed for Training – Thursday Afternoon 24th November 2022


Practice Closed for Training The Healthboard have arranged the second Training sessions since COVID-19 Pandemic hit. This usually occurs a few times a year but had been suspended during the pandemic. Whilst various forms of training takes place outside of normal hours, this one will be taking place: Thursday 24th November 2022 , [...]

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Up to Date – Safe and Sound – Vaccinations


Children's Vaccinations For some vaccines to work properly, they have to be given more than once. This is why we will invite your little one for their routine childhood vaccinations at eight weeks old, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 12 to 13 months and again at around three years old. By bringing [...]

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