How to Get your Blood Tests

In the hopes of reducing your waiting times, Swansea Bay Health Board are introducing an appointment system.

Quickest way is to book online.

Take a look at your options below

Update: New booking system information updated 19th May 2022

1. Click Book My Blood test Online.

You’ll see a page that looks like the image below.

2. Select from one of the four sites that’s suitable for you.

3. Pick a date and select the time that’s available and suitable for you.

4, Fill in your personal details.

You can find more information from this link:

If you’re unable to book online, please phone: 01792 601807

Although this is a Swansea number, other locations in the area may still be offered.

Castle Surgery will be doing our best to highlight the level of urgency of blood test on the form as this information is required on booking so they know when you give you your appointment.

Levels of urgency are:

  • the same day

  • within 48 hours

  • or whether this is less urgent, e.g. routine monitoring

Bloods booked without the level of urgency indicated will be given ‘no immediate urgency, approx 1 week’.

You have a choice of

  1. Neath Port Talbot Hospital,
  2. Singleton Hospital
  3. Morriston Hospital or
  4. Bay Field Hospital, (Near Amazon).

Patients who rely on public transport would be better still using Morriston Hospital as the Bay Field Hospital is not accessible by public transport. As indicated in the attached patient leaflets, those who are not confident to book an appointment for a blood test on line can still pre-book appointments by ringing 01792 601807.

At Morriston Hospital the new appointment system will provide for around 160 patients per day: 80 appointment slots each day will be available through previous advance booking on line. A further 80 appointment slots will be available every day for walk-in patients. On arrival at Morriston Hospital, patients need to make their way to the Volunteers Helpdesk near the main entrance / Costa to book and register on the day. However, patients will not be able to walk-in and wait. Instead, they can reserve a time slot for later, and return at their allotted time. You will not be permitted to queue outside, or wait in corridors.

You should be given a request form with an indication of the urgency of the test and an appropriate leaflet (“Online Blood Test Appointment Booking Service” if not reliant on public transport or “Morriston Walk-in Blood Test Service” if they need to use public transport)

SBU-Patient-Leaflet-Bookings-Online-booking-v2 SBU-Patient-Leaflet-Bookings-Morriston-walk-in-service-v2

For patients under 12, please contact the appropriate Paediatric Department on the numbers below:

  • Morriston – 01792 330635
  • Singleton – 01792 285685
  • Neath Port Talbot – 01639 862413.

You may be advised to attend 30 minutes prior to the appointment time if you choose to have numbing cream prior to the blood test.

We try to prioritise taking blood tests for patients who either are acutely unwell or have significant mobility problems.

Bloods are collected only once a day for transport to the labs. We try to take bloods in the morning to prevent test problems if bloods were left overnight.

If you are able to attend the hospitals, you would be significantly helping other patients.

Patients who are housebound may have bloods taken via the local District Nursing service.

If Castle Surgery requested your blood test:

  • You should contact us after 7 days from having your blood test.
  • Please note, most test results are back with 48 hours.
  • Please note, some specialist blood tests may take much longer than 7 days

If the Hospital requested your blood test:

  • The hospital may contact you for your blood test result.
  • It is recommended to discuss the test results with the team that requests the test as it helps to know the context and the pattern of test results.
  • If you have made arrangements with the hospital for tests, please wait for them to get in touch. Alternatively you can try speaking with the medical secretary of your named consultant after the agreed time period that you were advised.